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  • Dung lượng
  • 3200MHz: 32GB
  • Voltage
  • 1.2V
  • Chỉ dẫn mô tả
  • 260Pin SODIMM non-ECC
  • Frequency (Speed)
  • 3200MHz
    *Actual speed may vary depending on system platform or configuration
  • CAS Latency
  • CL22(3200)
  • Chứng nhận
  • CE, FCC, Green dot, WEEE, RoHS
  • DDR4 SODIMM<br><font color='#888888' size='2%'>3200/2666/2400/2133   </font>



    DDR4 SODIMM<br><font color='#888888' size='2%'>3200/2666/2400/2133   </font> A Memory Upgrade That Gives More

    A Memory Upgrade That Gives More

    Designed to help your system run faster and smoother, this DDR4 SODIMM series offers up to the industry's fastest memory speed with 3200MT/s. Plus, DDR4 technology is up to twice as fast as its predecessor, DDR3, delivering more bandwidth and more energy efficiency. A simple upgrade allows for faster application load times, increased responsiveness, and the ability to handle data-intensive programs with ease.

    DDR4 SODIMM<br><font color='#888888' size='2%'>3200/2666/2400/2133   </font> Extra Memory, Extra Energy Savings Too

    Extra Memory, Extra Energy Savings Too

    More memory is an easy cure for a slow computer, but it can also increase energy expenditure and overall stress on the system hardware. In addition to a performance upgrade, this DDR4 SODIMM series provides smarter energy consumption with a lower 1.2V voltage. This reduces power usage compared to the previous DDR3 1.5V module. Plus, greater heat dissipation keeps the computer running at lower temperatures for higher stability and a longer system hardware lifespan.

    DDR4 SODIMM<br><font color='#888888' size='2%'>3200/2666/2400/2133   </font> Compatible for Your Convenience

    Compatible for Your Convenience

    Wondering if your new memory module will function smoothly in your new rig or trusted old computer? This DDR4 SODIMM series is compatible with a wide range of laptops and notebooks. With the adaptibility of this memory module, you’ll avoid the random reboots and blue screens that accompany an unstable and incompatible memory module.

    DDR4 SODIMM<br><font color='#888888' size='2%'>3200/2666/2400/2133   </font> A Lifetime of Quality

    A Lifetime of Quality

    This DDR4 SODIMM series is 100% factory-tested to guarantee a superior level of stability, durability, and reliability. If that's not reassuring enough, it's also backed by a lifetime warranty that promises complete Silicon Power technical support and services.

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